Vistana Hotel Tok Wan 101 recipes for Buka Puasa Ramadhan

I’m looking forward for Vistana hotel Tok Wan 101 recipes for Buka Puasa Ramadhan again this year. Going to Vistana Buka Puasa Ramadhan is always full with excitement because of its Buka Puasa food varieties over 100 types of dishes.

 photo PhotoGrid_1435074382674_zpscs9rcqld.jpg

The traditional Malay spread for the breaking of the daily fast, or ‘buka puasa’ is only RM65 nett per person for adults and RM30 nett for children aged 4-12 years old (prices included 6% GST) from 19th June to 16th July 2015. The Buka Puasa Ramadhan is valid at Vistana Hotels Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan and Penang.

The main course for Buka Puasa Ramadhan spread features succulent ayam goreng berempah, ikan asam pedas, daging gulai, lala masak pedas, gulai sotong, terung bakar air asam and labu masak lemak cili api.

 photo PhotoGrid_1435022321238_zpsltvvwjft.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1435022455121_zps1mgepa9v.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1435023634578_zpsce40uagg.jpg

Tok Wan recipes meaning ‘grandmother’ recipes promises an assortment offresh tangy salads such as kerabu mangga, kerabu sotong and kerabu ayam, a healthy selection of ulam-ulaman or herbal salads such as ulam raja, jantung pisang, four-angled beans and petai, coupled with palate opening sambals and sauces including sambal belacan, cencaluk, tempoyak, budu and sambal nenas, all bound to get the appetite going. Tok Wan also inspires a hearty sup daging amongst others.

There are chef-manned stations too where more all-time Penang favourites such as asam laksa, kambing panggang, murtabak, char kway teow and pasembur are also served. A signature ‘Bakar Bakar’ cooked to order station is also available serving freshly grilled ikan panggang accompanied with special sambal sauces. This station has been my all time favorite because I enjoy grilled fish.

 photo IMG_20150608_182051_zpscql2inym.jpg

Besides that, there are variety of traditional Malay kuih-muih at Vistana Buka Puasa Ramadhan such as kuih cara manis, ondeonde, seri muka, ketayap and kuih loyang. And I’m surprise they even serve ice kacang at the dessert counter.

 photo b40555d1-319b-45b1-8261-43dad9ed26a9_zpshswtwkqc.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1435023893736_zpsymacubkg.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1435024168785_zpsefdaflet.jpg

Overall Vistana hotel Tok Wan 101 recipes Buka Puasa is pretty much of a good deal. For the price of only RM65 nett I enjoyed varieties of food and the group of musician performing on stage with local music and songs.

 photo PhotoGrid_1435023784743_zpsop0lotgz.jpg

Vistana Hotel
213, Jalan Bukit Gambir,
Bukit Jambul, 11950, Malaysia

Contact No: 04- 646 8000

Gartien Uji Matcha Pineapple Cakes

If you like matcha, Gartien has launched its latest Uji Matcha Pineapple Cakes in Penang and you should give it a try. The first thing that captured my attention is the packaging. It is pack in a very attractive box, the contrast of white and colorful drawings on the box works nicely. The drawing is showing the main ingredients for pineapple cake.

 photo IMG_20150622_102222_zpsckujkszi.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1434940105536_zpsvymvghry.jpg

 photo IMG_20150622_102426_zpsyyuesb4a.jpg

For starters the Gartien Uji Matcha Pineapple Cakes isn’t too sweet, nor is it too bitter. If anything the main flavour is the uji matcha. It does have a taste of pineapple cakes that is absolutely delightful both flavour and texture wise.It cuts the sweetness considerably and livens up the taste buds so the uji matcha notes really sing. It is best to enjoy this pineapple cakes together with a cup of tea or a glass of plain warm warer.

The selling price per box with 6 pieces of Uji Matcha Pineapple Cakes is at RM36nett (self collect only). A fix courier charge of RM10 & RM40 will be applicable to all deliveries within Peninsular Malaysia & East Malaysia respectively.

 photo IMG_20150622_103124_zpseoshymu2.jpg

 photo IMG_20150622_103028_zpsjwxycygk.jpg

Be quick to grab the Uji Matcha Gartien Pineapple Cakes, the bakery store is easy to find which is just along Jalan Penang nearby Komtar.

Gartien Penang


GARTIEN @ 小田佳園
380, Jalan Penang, 10000 Penang, Malaysia.

Contact No: 604-229 0068
Business Hours: 9.00am-6.00pm

Coffee and Cake Buffet at F.I.P Lounge

Last weekend was different from other reviews that I’ve attended before. It was the Coffee and Cake Buffet at F.I.P Lounge at Rasa Sayang. F.I.P (Fun, Interactive and Play) is offering tea sessions for every Saturday and Sunday from 3pm to 6pm. The price is RM47 nett per adult and for child, it costs RM24 nett.(only for children from 6 to 11 years old)

 photo IMG_20150613_140236_zpspnbtjmhq_edit_1434454627105_zpsln39h46s.jpg

The F.I.P is specially designed to look fun and a relaxing place to hang out with family and friends.The place is well covered with 3-D murals, colourful bean bags, unique origami folded “tipi tipi tap” menu and a bar at the side as informal way of hanging out. The colorful F.I.P targetting Gen-Y and young at heart setters. I found 3D Mr King Kong looking out for girls to kidnap home.

 photo IMG_20150613_140453_zpsidtqtzyu_edit_1434447599740_zpsllue45zw.jpg

 photo IMG_20150613_140614_zpsnb02rc85_edit_1434457415344_zpsddfcu4z8.jpg

Tea session at F.I.P includes 10 types of cakes, scones and cake pops with free flow coffee and tea. There are many kinds of cakes, which I would say eat till you drop. Those are cheese cake, banana chocolate cake, apple cake, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, tiramisu, black forest cake, fruit flan, scones and decorated cup cakes. The cakes are prepared by seasoned cake maven, Executive Pastry Chef, Dino Wan and his creative pastry team.

 photo PhotoGrid_1434176980504_zpsgtmyjica_edit_1434453264393_zpssisu5cko.jpg

 photo IMG_20150613_141724_zpsui11ydgz_edit_1434453444049_zpsnlrrssli.jpg

 photo IMG_20150613_141635_zpshkq9v2ki_edit_1434446043539_zpsjtrndedz.jpg

 photo IMG_20150613_160918_zpsxauqqt8h_edit_1434457487109_zps1upfoftv.jpg

 photo IMG_20150613_150012_zpsqjrkkifz_edit_1434458250019_zpsf33cjynh.jpg

I like the cute cake pops. A cake pop is a form of cake styled as a lollipop. Cake crumbs are mixed with icing or chocolate,usually serve as treats for baby and bridal showers or kids’ parties. They are the latest trend in the dessert culture and swept the internet like a tidal wave over the last few years.

 photo IMG_20150613_142359_zps0wugx2db_edit_1434453067734_zpsp0rl6iex.jpg

There are 3-D coffee lattes, mocktails and cocktails served in test tubes too. These will be charged separately depending on what you order. I enjoyed watching the barista crafted the coffee with nice designs and he did one with my favourite minion! He is so skilled in showing off her 3-D creations for me to take picture with.

 photo PhotoGrid_1434439830661_zps3rvniwb1_edit_1434447795134_zps6scrh1jb.jpg

Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa, Penang
Batu Ferringhi Main Road, Kampung Tanjung Huma,
11100 Batu Feringgi, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Contact No: 04- 888 8888

“Eastin Ku- Kampung Ku” Ramadhan Food Review

The month of Ramadan is here again. During this month, Muslims throughout the world is observe fast for a month. They will usually break fast together with their family or friends.

 photo IMG_20150528_190824_zpsixii5l8h_edit_1433040232728_zpsgkvzmnsf.jpg

Eastin Hotel in Penang is serving an array of delicious authentic traditional fasting favorites to cater for guests and outsiders. The buffet dinner is only RM104++ with lavish spread of food on the table. For early bird, you can get F&B promotion which is Ramadan voucher worth RM80 nett.

On top of that, for every 20 vouchers FREE 1 voucher
Every 50 vouchers FREE 3 vouchers
Every 60 vouchers FREE 1 room of 2D1N DH
Every 100 vouchers FREE 2 rooms of 2D1N DH+ FREE 2 vouchers

If you have Citibank credit card, the dinner buffet only cost RM88 nett from 18th June- 18th July 2015. There is a 15% discount for AEON member and 50% discount for senior citizens.

To begin with, there is various of gardener of green salad. This includes tomato, carrot, cucumber, corn kernel, onion ring and mix lettuce. I’m not so much of a salad fan to mix my own salad, so I go for the savories and Malaysian sambals. This includes sambals, keropok, ketupat, lemang, ikan masin and 5 types of different jeruk.

 photo PhotoGrid_1432861589971_zpscvjbrvar_edit_1433042128302_zpsxp1anchb.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1432861671983_zpsn8ghg0dz_edit_1433040099232_zpsfx7qyhy2.jpg

As I linger around, I spotted my favorite corner…seafood on ice with condiments! On this corner, there is slipper lobster, tiger prawns, mussels and crabs.

 photo IMG_20150529_091002_zpssftppsea_edit_1433042173860_zpsyurp78uu.jpg

For Malay dishes, there is a corner for Citarasa masakan kampung and Malaysia favorites where we have ikan asam pedas, gulai daging kacang panjang, gulai asam rom sayuran, ayam pongteh, rendang ekor,siput sedut lamak cili api, pucuk ubi masak lemak putih, stir fried crab with basil leaf, Thai yellow chicken curry, poach Indonesian sea bass with cilantro sauce, sauté squid with macaroni in tomato herb sauce, fried mussel with chili and hot bean sauce, wok fried tiger prawn with butter sauce, nasi tomato and nasi putih.

 photo PhotoGrid_1432861342084_zps0hc7go1h_edit_1433042443839_zpsl9wry5nl.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1432861233277_zpsdvtbrars_edit_1433042366138_zpssgdlo9ag.jpg

 photo IMG_20150529_085331_zpsfmte9g1q_edit_1433042319616_zpsxp3rhzpj.jpg

Besides all those good food, there is a corner for hawker stalls which includes roasted whole lamb (for min 80 pax and above), ice kacang with condiments, gearbox soup with condiments and bubur lambuk.

 photo IMG_20150528_184636_zpsgsvfn9io_edit_1433040146384_zpsgwpkvzhr.jpg

And finally for dessert, there are many kind of cakes and local Malay kuih.

 photo PhotoGrid_1432861121309_zpsnt6ndcdo_edit_1433040624132_zps6hlqqpv1.jpg


Eastin Hotel Penang,
Swez Brasserie,

1, Solok Bayan Indah,
Queensbay 11900 Penang.

Contact No: 04-6121128

David Brown’s Restaurant & Tea Terrace

David Brown’s Restaurant & Tea Terrace is having ‘Buy 1 Free 1′ set dinner for their 8th year Anniversary Specials for the price of RM100 nett. David Brown’s Restaurant is on top of Penang’s Hill, one of Penang’s best attractions. We took the cable car up and it cost us RM10 for two way. When we reached David Brown’s Restaurant, we took beautiful pictures of the nice garden and flowers there. The view looks good from the top but the breeze is not as cold as it was years ago.

David Brown  photo PhotoGrid_1433002675583_zpsz2z9jn8a_edit_1433027611799_zpsgg7etl9l.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1433002564600_zpsxzks5pf7_edit_1433027548995_zpslcmeea3j.jpg

For the ‘Buy 1 Free 1′ set dinner, you can select one main dish from four choices. Appetizer, soup, dessert, coffee or tea has been included in the dinner set.

 photo IMG_20150530_154943_zpsviek0g7c_edit_1433017233408_zpssd0ovllx.jpg

Smoked duck breast/ mix green/ honey lemon vinaigrette

 photo IMG_20150530_155132_zpstbhzcfam_edit_1433017364642_zpsyacnum5c.jpg

Seafood corn soup

 photo IMG_20150530_160610_zpsetr8xn3x_edit_1433017657605_zpsoiqkzlov.jpg

Main Course
1. David Brown’s grilled chicken chop/ roasted baby potato/ steam vegetable & corn/ jumbo sausage


 photo IMG_20150530_162913_zpscl0mvjg1_edit_1433027290624_zpsarljbfva.jpg

2. Pan seared sushi grade Norwegian salmon/ potato cream/ citrus salsa/ pea sprout/ aioli


 photo IMG_20150530_162850_zps0irx8vk5_edit_1433027177555_zpseiexe3sx.jpg

3. Pan seared grain fed sirloin/ roasted baby potato/ onion marmalade/ mix green/ balsamic reduction/ au jus


 photo IMG_20150530_162818_zps5mwcud4v_edit_1433027137802_zpsyuyjlxzz.jpg

4. Braised lamb short loin/ potato cream/ onion confit/ steam vegetable & corn

 photo IMG_20150530_162716_zpsplu4u4em_edit_1433027080832_zpstz4rjep1.jpg

Chocolate mousse cake/ pistachio tuile/ vanilla ice cream/ mixed berry compote/ orea soil

 photo IMG_20150530_171434_zpsr4tygzy3_edit_1433017138905_zpsct1frw3b.jpg

 photo IMG_20150530_171301_zpsef4jhpau_edit_1433027381837_zpsxlntltn4.jpg

Tea or coffee

The appetizer is satisfying, all drizzled with honey lemon taste.

As for the main course, I love the grilled chicken chop among all. The chicken was very tasty and tender with strong taste of BBQ sauce.

So hurry up to get the ‘Buy 1 Free 1′ set dinner voucher. It is a good deal to have at David Brown’s Restaurant. Minimum 3 days of prior booking is required and the voucher is not valid during public holidays. Voucher is also not refundable and exchange to any ala carte item. When you reach there, do present the voucher before ordering to entitle for the ‘Buy 1 Free 1′ good deal.

For those who would like to purchase the vouchers for family or friends gathering, maximum 10 person is allow per reservation.

Dinner hours start from 6pm to 10pm so there is plenty of time to hang around to take pictures and enjoying the beautiful view in Penang hill.

To buy the vouchers, there are few schedule road shows at various places to promote the ‘Buy 1 Free 1′ deal.

Roadshow schedule:

At Autocity on 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th June (Saturday)
Time: 6.30pm- 9.30pm

At Botanical Garden/ Youth Park on 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th June (Saturday)
Time: 7.30am- 10.30am

At Occupy Beach Street on 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th June (Sunday)
Time: 7.30am- 10.30am

At Bayan Baru Pasar Food Court on 10th, 17th, 24th June (Wednesday)
Time: 12 noon- 2pm

 photo IMG-20150530-WA0004_zps6z294yil_edit_1433027493953_zpshel9r6l9.jpg


David Brown’s Restaurant & Tea Terrace
Strawberry Hill, Penang Hill
11300 Air Itam, Penang

Contact No: 04-8288337 or 018-4096277



International Lady Disc Jockeys at Hotel Equatorial Penang

If you are looking for a good place to hang out at night while listening to some good lady disc jokeys performing, Hotel Equatorial Penang is the right fit for you. From 16th April onwards to 16th May, Hotel Equatorial Penang will be featuring some international lady disc jockeys at the Nadaba. Nadaba is just locate right infront of Nada Lama restaurant or previously more well known as Coffee House. You will get to chill right by the pool and get your favourite drinks and food order to you right away. Hotel Equatorial quests will get to enjoy the fun and with interactive experience.

 photo IMG_20150416_191014_zpsvlbk2vst.jpg

 photo IMG-20150417-WA0002_zpsnd3vhc6w.jpg

There are many disc jockeys who have worked very hard to become the best that they can be.Lady disc jockeys such as Stella Nutella from Sweden, Miss A-1 from Russia and Niza Minx from the capital city of Kuala Lumpur will be rotating on a fortnightly basis from Thursdays to Saturdays. DJ Nutella (real name Hanna Flemstrom-Coleman)has been DJing for the past 17 years and played over 30 countries. She has performed on main stage sets to big crowds festival line-ups such as Dance Valley (NL), Celebra Brasil (Brazil), Vortex (south Africa), Solipse Total Eclipse Festival (Zambia), VOOV Experience(Germany) and Samothraki (Greece). I would say she is pretty well travelled around the globe performing her DJ skills to audience and she is experience to handle big crowds and party.

 photo IMG_20150416_190855_zpsi9cvgzng.jpg

 photo IMG_20150416_201124_zpswrxcvqsy.jpg

DJ Nutella has returned to Sweden and enrolled in a 2-year course for song writers and music producers ( after broaden her musical horizons after travelling. Currently she is base in Kuala Lumpur since 2006 and has been enjoy DJing in top venues in the city.

Watch her DJing yourself at Nadaba at Hotel Equatorial since this occasion will be her debut in Penang.

DJ Stella Nutella
16th- 18th April
21st- 23rd May

Miss A-1
23rd- 25th April
7th- 9th May

Niza Minx
30th April- 2nd May
14th May- 16th May

NadabaHotel Equatorial Penang,
Jalan Bukit Jambul, 11900 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Contact No:+60 4-632 7000

Thai Food at Zest Bar Cafe, Glow Hotel

Glow Hotel is introducing Thai Food at Zest Bar Café, with new ala carte menu more than 37 items. When eating the Thai cuisine, simply get your slurping muscles ready and prepare for the spicy, hot, sweet and salty flavours that make it so distinct and more noticeable.

Glow Hotel Menu

Glow Hotel Menu

Other than ala carte, you can go for Daily Set Lunch priced at RM20+.

Take starter, Miang Kam (RM8+) makes for an ideal start as a traditional snack, with the ingredients
wrapped in leaves. It has about 8 ingredients including dried shrimp, betel leaves, shallots, lime, peanut, ginger and chili and you get to eat many things in one bite.

 photo 08d8c55c-a408-4bfc-8305-e88e9a81fbd4_zps4a8q4mox.jpg

As for the main course, the value is up to RM18+. Thanks to the generous use of fragrant herbs such as lemongrass, lime leaves and shallots provide the national aroma of Thailand that makes the Tom Yam Goong (RM18+) taste so good. The flavor is a unique combination of spicy hot and sour provide the strong kick and taste. I always like to eat Tomyam pair with rice, a worthy main dish sufficient enough for me.

 photo IMG_20150314_130442_zpskpik3qdu.jpg

Tom Kha Gai (RM12+) consists of Siam Chicken Soup with galangal in coconut cream and local spices. It is also known as Thai coconut soup which is a part of item in Set 2. Other than that in Set 2, you can choose Gaeng Massaman which consists of chicken or beef with rich roasted peanut curry sauce and potatoes.

 photo IMG_20150314_130434_zpspqifkwyx.jpg

Set 3, comes with Green Curry Chicken/ Prawn (RM18+) or Pad Thai (RM15+). Green curry chicken features chunks of tender chicken simmered in green curry sauce cooked with coconut milk and Thai basil leaf.

 photo IMG_20150314_130454_zpspx8mcotr.jpg

Pad Thai ingredients are fried Thai noodles with prawns, beansprout, beancurb and egg
pattaya style. On the first sight, pad thai appears to look like char keow teow at a glance.

 photo IMG_20150314_130258_zpsvkfapizr.jpg

Desserts are also available at Glow Hotel for the Thai cuisines. Set 1 is the Sang Kaya Fug Tong which is basically the Thai version of custard (RM7+). It is steamed pumpkin consist of custard which is pretty creamy and stuffed into sweet cooked pumpkin.

 photo IMG_20150314_130420_zpsojfyagmv.jpg

Set 2 is the Fried Banana with Sticky Rice (RM7+). The banana is wrapped in sticky rice, bring to grill together will create an amazing flavor when eating. This is my favorite dish of all and I’m sure you will fall in love with its flavor from the first time of tasting.

 photo IMG_20150314_130637_zps43z68tsf.jpg

101, Jalan Macalister, George Town, 10400, Penang, Malaysia
Contact No: +604-226 0084
Working Hour: 11am-5pm daily

International Buffet and Christmas Goodies at Sarkies E&O Hotel

Eastern & Oriental (E&O) Hotel offering International Buffet Dinner at Sarkies Annex Buffet starting from 19th November 2014.

International Buffet Dinner
Sunday to Thursday
RM110++ (Adult)
RM48++ (Child)
Add RM38++ for free flow or beer, wines and fruit punch

On Friday and Saturday, there will be live performance by Los Cantores with free flow of wine, beer and refreshing beverage by default (RM148++ for adult and RM65++ for child). If you have AMEX (American Express) card, you will entitle for 20% discount or LIKE E&O Facebook page and you will immediately receive a 20% discount coupon.

My favourite menu offered by E&O is the seafood on ice such as the Poached tiger prawns, New Zealand green mussels, Australian black mussels, Poached king crab, Fresh oysters with salsa and Yabbies.

 photo 22447ff8-fc0b-4916-9cfa-8051f10fff4d_zps15e65d76.jpg

Apart from that, there is choice of hot dish on rotation basis which inclusive of steamed rice, chinese fried rice, beef masak kicap, deep fried sweet and sour fish, season vegetables with light soya sauce and many others. For those who like assorted deep fried items, money bags, vegetable samosas, spring rolls, Onion rings and fish crackers are available.

 photo a9b8e85d-8fbe-4745-8d6e-4819cc7cdab7_zps19f7c785.jpg

 photo 1c1bc018-da4d-4ec4-88b0-4dd6dffb4994_zps8ba20b24.jpg

 photo IMG_20141119_185612_zpsad218720.jpg

 photo 89fe344b-af12-4af6-9f6a-267010ebd5b4_zps1e0356dd.jpg

There is also an action stall at E&O with ducks specimens hanging in the window. I decided to give it a go and the roast duck was just divine,probably the best I’ve had so far. The thickness and fattiness of the roast duck and crispy roast layer was just delicious.

 photo IMG_20141119_185509_zps0ef0bd8a.jpg

The desserts mostly cakes themselves are light and moist with the different icings and fillings. I particularly like it because the icing is not overwhelming. The cake itself is fluffy, wonderful in the uniqueness alone and truly tastes like a bowl of fresh berries and cream. None are too sweet too.

 photo IMG_20141119_184418_zpsbc326585.jpg

 photo IMG_20141119_184408_zpsad491b08.jpg

Since Christmas celebration is here, Sarkies Corner will be offering Christmas Goodies during this gifting season. More than 20 items are available for you to choose from including Ginger Bread Man, Christmas Pie, Chirstmas Chocolate ‘Bell’, Cherry-Raspberry Cake, Christmas Yule Log, and etc. All of these items are specially made from E&O Hotel’s Bakery.

 photo IMG_20141119_210916_zps00aa9123.jpg

 photo imagepng_zps951c478c.jpg

There is a minimum order time frame of 3 days prior to pick up is required for bigger items such as whole roast turkey set, whole roast prime rib or beef set, and salmon en Croute set. Order can be made from 2 to 25 December 2014 at Sarkies Corner Bakery Counter area.

 photo IMG_20141119_205706_zps19cc68ec.jpg

There is an order sheet for easier selection on the Christmas special order. If you confirm your payment by 7 Dec, you will get additional 20% discount for item ordered. You can make payment first to entitle for 20% discount and collect your goodies on or before 25-Dec-2014. For more information, kindly call +604-222 2000 Ext. 3175.

Sarkies Corner Xmas Order Form

Other E&O Dine in Schedule

Executive Buffet Lunch
with free flow of refreshing beverages
Monday to Friday
RM68++ (Adult)
RM34++ (Child)

Weekend Hi Tea
with free flow of refreshing beverages
Sat & Sun
RM74++ (Adult)
RM37++ (Child)
>child friendly buffet station

Wine & Dine Weekend Buffet Dinner
with free flow of wine, beer and refreshing beverage
Enjoy Live Performances by Los Cantores
Fri & Sat
7pm- 10.30pm
RM148++ (Adult)
RM65++ (Child)

Operating Hours 6.30am-10.30pm (Daily)
Breakfast 6.30am- 10.30am (Daily)
Buffet Lunch 12pm- 2.30pm (Daily)
Buffet Dinner 7pm-10.30pm (Daily)


Eastern and Oriental (E&O)
10 Lebuh Farquhar, 10200 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Enquiries & Reservations
+(6) 04- 222 2000 ext. 3601/ 3602


E&O is having seafood extravaganza promotion for September and October 2014 at a very reasonable price every Wednesdays from 7pm-10.30pm. The price is only RM 110++ for adult and RM 48++ for child.

The food and service is great at Sarkies E&O. My friends ate some sushi and they are happy about the food and the price as it’s a buffet so it’s what you expect from a buffet. There are huge food selections and also seasoning to go along for own satisfaction. For salads, dressings, condiments, pickled fruits, mixed salads, salad platters and cold cuts platter are all available.

My favourite is the seafood on ice. The inaugural presentation of the seafood buffet at E&O that is centered around tantalising sushi, I’m sure the chefs have definitely gone all out to impress with their best offerings that will feed a king. Fresh tiger prawns, scallops, green mussels, black mussels, snow crabs, spanner crabs, salmon, tuna and tilapia are all available and they are fresh.

 photo IMG_6191_zps65b2c1a9.jpg

 photo IMG_6189_zpscb6644d2.jpg

 photo IMG_6257_zpse22b43b6.jpg

 photo IMG_6259_zps8c1ae831.jpg

 photo IMG_6258_zpsd896f3f7.jpg

Other than seafood on ice, hot dish from the grill is also available, carving station and hot plate, soup station pasta, Japanese Teppanyaki hot from the wok, tempura stall and also roast duck. If you’re looking for Chinese cuisine, noodle station available with Penang Char Koay Teow, seafood hor fun, chinese oyster omelette, wan tan noodles, bee tai bak noodles, maggie noodies and rice vermicelli (Bee Hoon).

The atmosphere at Sarkies E&O is relaxing with great service and helpful staff and any requests you have they are more than happy to assist you. It was an enjoyable experience and I would like to return again as the food is understandably fresh and being replenished regularly.The desserts were plentiful and delicious too. There are black forest cake, mille feuille, pistachio creme brulee, american carrot cake, chocolate pot cream, peanut choux, strawberry cream with sago and many more. It is wide variety of desserts without limit.

Meals at E&O is the journey of flavor exploring or fulfilling a big craving. If anybody love to taste hundreds of delicious items can visit E&O seafood buffet for tasty and quality food for both the body and soul.


Eastern and Oriental (E&O)
10 Lebuh Farquhar, 10200 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Contact No: +60 4-222 2000

Red Hott @ The One

There is one hot dog specialist restaurant open at ‘The One’ nearby D’piazza mall. There are many types of hot dogs; at least 10 varieties from what I’ve tried and each of them taste fantastic and good in their own taste.

You can select the type of sausage either chicken, beef or chicken + beef when you are at the counter. There are two types of sausages sizes either 6 inches or 8 inches. You can choose if you want the bun to be poppy seed or Parmesan cheese too. Then select the desired dressing either Coney Dog, Ultimate Dog or any other types depending on your liking.

 photo IMG_5583_zpsa5e4dc2f.jpg

 photo IMG_5592_zps83719072.jpg

 photo IMG_5589_zps712ce4a2.jpg

Red Hott has 15 inches hot dog for couple which cost RM39.90. These hot dog is made with pure chicken thigh meat sausage, customized Mexican bun, coney sauce, cheddar cheese, Mexican bread and homemade german curry dip, crosshatch top with cheddar cheese and coney sauce.

 photo IMG_5604_zps245ac1f8.jpg

 photo IMG_5597_zpse0e00836.jpg

Salsa Dog’ and ‘German Currywurst’ are the latest in the Red Hott menu.

Salsa dog – RM 8.90 for 6inches, RM 10.90 for 8inches
Freshly diced tomato, yellow onion, garlic, cider

German Currywurst – RM 8.90 for 6inches, RM 10.90 for 8inches
Homemade german curry sauce with yellow onion

Red Hott also gives away RM15 cash voucher for customers who follow them on Instagram #Redhottpenang and take picture with the hot
dog. Don’t forget to tag #redhottdog in the Instagram and 50 lucky customers with best picture will walk away with the voucher.

 photo IMG_5585_zps6efe9284.jpg


Red Hott
2-1-16, Terrace Plus The One, Tingkat Mahsuri 5
Bayan Lepas
11950 Penang

Contact No: +604-685 2948

Business Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-10pm

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